The Sweetspot Recording Studio is a studio with a great vibe and great acoustics. It’s owned and managed by Rickard Bengtsson (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, Chthonic, Opeth, Last Tribe, Shining) and located in the calm Swedish countryside, away from disturbing elements.

At the Sweetspot studio you will meet friendly people that will help you with whatever you need, so that you can concentrate on your music.

The Sweetspot Studio is available for booking with Rickard Bengtsson as a producer. External engineers or producers are also welcome to work at the studio.

We take care of all types of productions, from full scale in-house productions, where we do everything for you, to smaller projects. We can mix prerecorded material, track vocals or instruments, help you with reamping, and much more. The acoustics in the studio are particularly suited for drum recording. We also help clients with arrangement of songs. In short, we can help you in any way you need. No project is too small for us to cooperate.

For any questions or inquiries please contact us.